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                                                                            Say I commit 
myself to Allah,

The Sovereign Supreme of mankind(2) the Creator and Master of mankind (1)
The Ilah of Man
kind (3)
Counter to the everated by the sneak whisperer and by his confederates, and by those with characteristics befitting AL-Shaytan (Satan) separately or combined (4)il gen Who instigate evil in peoples' repositories of consciousness and suggest it secretly to the thoughts and the feeling and to the religious mind (5) Of the people among the Jinn and mankind (6).




 It has been revealed to me that a company of Jinns listened (to the Qur-an). They said, We have really heard a wonderful Recital
Jin : 01



Prophet was born and the pleasure came along with his birth
Time apprises cheerfully on praising to this crescent birth 
Gabriel with heaven angels side by side were surrounding
They bring good news to religion and life onto this coming 
Throne of God along with Heaven were proud in this hopeful
Sacred places on Heaven such as Christ's thorn looks cheerful
And the Holy Garden its mounds seem smiling happily
To this prophecy career, it seems scented luxuriantly     




And to your Lord, so wish/desire.

The verse states that mountains perform the function of preventing shocks in the Earth. This fact was not known by anyone at the time the Qur'an was revealed. It was, in fact, brought to light only recently, as a result of the findings of modern geological research. Formerly, it was thought that mountains were merely protrusions rising above the surface of the Earth. However, scientists realised that this was not actually the case, and that those parts known as the mountain root extended down as far as 10-15 times their own height. With these features, mountains play a similar role to a nail or peg firmly holding down a tent. For example, Mount Everest, the summit of which stands approximately 9 km above the surface of the Earth, has a root deeper than 125 km

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The spirit of marriage






The Prophet was once asked, "What is more important than prayer?" He replied, "The spirit of prayer" - the spirit that animates the prayer. He was asked what is more important than fasting - he replied, the spirit of fasting. For each question concerning an Islamic practice the answer was the same - because the spirit brings the action to life and unfolds its potentials. Without this animating spirit, the prayer is only movement, and the fasting only hunger. But
 when spirit enters, when a pure and concentrated intention enters, the action is transformed - the prayer gains the potential to become a miraj (an elevating spiritual journey), and the one fasting approaches towards the potential to witness laylatul qadr (the night of destiny - a night when blessings from the spiritual world descend to this world).
So what is more important than marriage? It is the spirit of marriage, the intention which underlies it, the treasures which it contains hidden within it but which must be brought out and realized by the married couple themselves.





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